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Catonsville, MD  -

The Easy Bike program gets the average adult/child riding their bicycle in 90 minutes or less for only $100 dollars.   This state of the art bicycle instruction program is located just outside the city of Baltimore, Maryland in the Southwestern section of Baltimore County.

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Fear and anxiety are the most pervasive challenges that a beginner bicyclist has to confront. The question is: “Can they overcome their profound fear and learn to ride?”

Most beginners are able to overcome their fear and anxiety, while some others are paralyzed by these powerful emotions. The Easy Bike method uses advanced teaching techniques to instantly minimize student stress and anxiety while simultaneously building their confidence and basic beginner riding skills.

The EBL three stage method is perfect for nervous beginners of all ages because it occurs on a soft obstacle-free field of 100 yards. The grass surface provides a stress free learning environment that allows the student to focus on building his/her confidence and skills.  After their basic skills are mastered on the soft surface, the student is introduced to riding their bike on pavement.

During the 90 minute lesson the student will learn how to ride their bicycle at the basic beginner level by practicing the skills of balancing, pedaling, steering and stopping.

Sequence of Instruction:                                        Instruction time:

  • Introduction to equipment                                         90 minutes
  • Balancing and coasting
  • Pedaling
  • Stopping with control
  • Steering and riding in a straight lineman-helmet
  • Turning and changing direction
  • Starting from a standstill position
  • Basic Bicycle Safety
  • Assessment/Graduation

Materials Checklist for Your Lesson:

  • Instruction Fee (cash only)
  • Bicycle
  • Safety Helmet
  • Bicycle Wrench (to adjust the saddle)
  • Camera (optional)
  • Bottle of Water (optional)
  • Practice Area

Students must provide their own bicycle, helmet and wrench. Instruction fee is cash only. Students younger than 18 years old must be chaperoned at all times by a parent/ legal guardian.  Click on BIKE AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT tab above for details.

How to Book Your Lesson

Lessons are by appointment only (usually weekend mornings). During summer vacation, weekday lessons are available. If you still have questions click on the FAQs tab above and read the eight most frequently asked questions.  If you are ready to book your lesson now,  simply click on the REGISTER tab above.


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